Summer News

As we start our new six month schedule, we are closing the studio for a week to repair some ceiling cracks…all to support greater peace of mind as we look up.

We will reopen for regular classes on Saturday, July 8.

During that time, I will host three General Yoga classes at my home studio, AngelArmsWorks, 230 Avenue B, the pink church at Third and B in Snohomish.

The dates are July 5,6 & 7 — Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday — at 10a. You can preregister online or just DROP IN. Come and enjoy the divine ambiance and the garden.

(As many of you know, the studio is also the location of our Summer Sunday Studio Concerts. The next one is July 10th with the Michael Brockman Trio, cool jazz from one of Seattle’s secret treasures. Read more here and subscribe for all the details.)

As always, we welcome newcomers and seasoned practicioners to this beautiful practice of yoga. I know of nothing quite like yoga to make you feel better all over.

To confirm that “feel better feeling” scientifically, I just posted a terrific article about the physical and biochemical benefits of yoga to Yoga Circle Studio’s Facebook page. Here’s a sample:

“Yoga …boosts levels of the feel-good brain chemicals like GABA, serotonin, and dopamine, which are responsible for feelings of relaxation and contentedness, and the way the brain processes rewards. All three neurotransmitters are the targets of various mood medications like antidepressants (e.g., SSRIs) and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) drugs. The fact that yoga is linked to improved levels of these coveted chemicals is nothing to sneeze at.

Yoga has another bonus, says Sarah Dolgonos, MD, who has taught at the Yoga Society of New York’s Ananda Ashram. She points out that in addition to suppressing the stress response, yoga actually stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which calms us down and restores balance after a major stressor is over. When the parasympathetic nervous system switches on, “blood is directed toward endocrine glands, digestive organs, and lymphatic circulation, while the heart rate and blood pressure are lowered,” says Dolgonos. With the parasympathetic nervous system in gear, “our bodies can better extract nutrients from the food we eat, and more effectively eliminate toxins because circulation is enhanced. With parasympathetic activation, the body enters into a state of restoration and healing.”

Read more here….