Welcome Living Social Newbies

Over 150 people have purchased 20 Yoga Classes for $20 on the Living Social website. This very deeply discounted offer is for new students only, and we are happy to introduce new students to our beautiful studio.

If you are a new student, check the SCHEDULE tab on this website to see the classes we offer.  If after work on a weekday is best for you, we offer General Yoga, 6:45p on Mondays and Wednesdays; Gentle Yoga, 5:15p on Tuesdays and Thursdays; and, Saturday and Sunday mornings it’s Gentle Yoga at 10a. All classes are 75 minutes long. The Gentle Yoga classes are best if you are new to yoga.

Another idea for getting started is the Explore Yoga class offered at 11:30 Sunday mornings.

Once you decide on a class, simply click on its listing in the Class Schedule page and register for the class online. This allows us to limit the number of students attending the class to 20, and for you to check out how full the class is. When asked how you want to pay, go ahead and sign in as UNPAID. When you come to your first class, we will register you as purchasing through the Living Social special.

Please remember that once you register for a class the 60 day limit will begin for you to take 20 classes — and please understand that we cannot extend that limit.

Feel free to contact Karen, the owner of Yoga Circle Studio with you questions. In the meantime, thanks for signing up, we look forward to sharing many happy moments on the mat with you.