Kris & Thomas

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Kris: I labor to grow organic food. Planting, pruning, raking, hoeing, tilling, hauling, shoveling, nailing, composting, boot cleaning, feeding, grooming, bucking hay bales, walking, herding geese, plucking feathers and, generally, sweating, made me forget all about the aerobics class of years gone by until upper body overuse caused a severe frozen shoulder condition. I left the physical therapist’s office for Yoga classes to receive a whole body treatment and prevention, instead of an injury only focus. Nearly two years later my shoulders are mended and stronger as is my endurance.

My posture is straighter and I can boast an inch height gain, as well as, lower blood pressure, less jaw tension and improved health generally. I have maintained my weight at a time of life one expects some yearly gain.

My mid life hormonal change is easier because I have a place to focus on my slow inner development, and concentrate on internal physical messages each week. When menopause is hell, yoga is essential.

Thomas: How did I become a yogi: With another yogi. The inspiration to practice yoga came from being with another person practicing yoga. Whether I am with a yoga master at the studio or with my wife at home, the motivation to practice yoga was amazing.

Yoga has helped me to keep a sharp focus on the everyday simple things in life.

While doing the farm chores I practice my breathing and use my core strength. Whether the chore is to chop wood, carry water, or collect eggs, my yoga practice can guide me through the chores with less stress, greater strength and flexibility and at times profound joy. Practicing yoga helps me to distill my own toxic nature into a spiritual understanding of life for which the focus is love. I always feel better at the end of a yoga class.

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