Candace & John

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Candace: I’m happier. Yoga provides the insights that support greater health and optimize a sense of well-being. The effects of opening the chest, heart, and posture was startling – a journey that at every stage was a discovery, somewhat like peeling an onion. New benefits continue to reveal themselves in my body – now hips and upper back are becoming more open. I couldn’t have anticipated that. Now, I guard my Yoga time jealously. When work interferes, I get annoyed.

John: Yoga practice has paid off – investing that time. Though it’s still a journey, yoga provides great balance. It’s part physical fitness, part calming, with brief moments of spiritual renewal — time for looking inward, time to pay attention to what’s happening – learning the form and safety. Yoga reveals that at a pace you can deal with.

When sore or tense, I relax my shoulders and breathe – at the dentist or in a difficult work situation – my breathing awareness kicks in.

Karen Guzak: Candace and John practice yoga as a family, using the practice to augment their running. Three or four times a week, as a part of their routine, they walk to Yoga Circle Studio, where they use their yoga practice to support a healthier lifestyle, and enjoy the community aspects of the studio along with finding new friends.

Candace had been coping for years with low grade health issues, finally having an acute attack of appendicitis early this year that proved to be the root of her chronic problems. She believes that yoga helped her identify and clarify her body issues, and supported a quick and easy recovery once she had surgery. They agree that practicing yoga several times a week has added immeasurably to their enjoyment of life.

And, I concur. Certainly, as a part of my growth throughout the years, I have found yoga and Yogalates to be of enormous benefit in creating a greater sense of well being while toning the body. Medical evidence proves the healing link between mind and body, and yoga, along with Pilates, tai chi, and meditation are powerful ways to embrace your health and wholeness.

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