A Sinuous & Stable Spine, 10/28

yoga circle studio teacher
John Blue

A Sinuous & Stable Spine with John Blue
Sunday, October 28 | 1 to 4p
Explore the flexible moves of our spine along with steading strengths in this Qigon based practice. This is a gentle, slow, graceful, standing practice that suports a healthy, long life.
Cost: $45
Pre-registration recommended, and stay for the potluck afterwards (4 to 5p).

Bags by Karen!

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Dear Yogis, I am spending the summer sewing creative shopping bags from fabrics I have been saving for years. Each one is unique…lots of silks, velvets, and hand dyed cotton. These are a great replacement for plastic shopping bags. Check them out on the lower rack at the studio…a bargain at $30 each + tax.

I’ll be making more, so keep them moving…all to reuse, reduce, recycle…the direction we all need to go: R/R/R!

Free Meditation: Sunday, 6/10

free meditationFree Meditation: Happiness and Success with Madhu Rajanna
Sunday, June 10 | 1 to 2:30p

Join Karen and Madhu Rajanna for this FREE meditation session to learn yogic breathing, mental focus and emotional stability … all that leads to happiness and success in whatever your endeavor. Madhu Rajanna is meditation instructor for the Art of Living, a nonprofit organization.