Margaret, Malina & Marin

Margaret, a former owner of Laughing Crow Yoga in Everett and the mother of Malina, says that yoga keeps her body working well. Her mind stays happy and yoga gives her spirits a lift that makes her feel good all day long.

Malina, Margaret’s daughter and Marin’s mother, finds a positive calmness in yoga. She agrees that yoga promotes lifelong healthy living and gives her a chance to connect to a larger community of healthy people.  She also likes the fruit and nut snack mix always available as part of the pleasure of practicing at Yoga Circle Studio.

Marin, started practicing with her mother and grandmother when she was three. She says that yoga is good for your body, and it’s fun, and I like doing it. (Her twin brother is still committed to playing golf with his dad, but yoga awaits these guys, as well…it will improve their game.) 

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