How to Access Virtual Live-Stream Classes

The time when we could show up before class and sign-in are happy memories. Now, we must SIGN-UP for the class online either with a computer or the phone app. The steps listed here are for using a computer.

First: Click on the link SIGN-UP FOR VIRTUAL CLASSES at the bottom left of this, and every page of our website. If the electrons are behaving, it will open to the schedule as pictured above. (Or you can use this alternative link.)

If you signed up for classes from your device (without the app) in the past, the process will be familiar (but sad to see all the canceled classes). In other words, this guide assumes you are familiar with selecting the week to find a class, pointed out by the red arrow.

Next: Once you select a class by clicking on the SIGN-UP NOW link you will be taken to the screen pictured here. (Note: If the schedule is not displaying classes you may have to sign-out first in the upper right corner.)

Mindbody is very good at sending confirmations and 30 minutes before the class start time you will receive an email with a link to JOIN THE CLASS.

Mindbody recommends the latest Google Chrome browser. If you need help or have suggestions, please let us know.

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Yes! We Are Closing Too

Karen has decided to temporarily close the studio beginning Monday, March 16, until further notice.

Elizabeth and Karen will teach this weekend’s classes, then close the studio Sunday afternoon.

It’s an uphill battle right now to keep the studio open and “germ-free.” So, when closed, we are going to wash all the blankets and debug the bolsters, blocks, and straps. We have all cleaned doorknobs, computer, and desktops, bathrooms, etc. and have been keeping our distance. But the deep cleaning needs to happen over the next couple of weeks.

We will all be impacted throughout our community, our country. And, we need to keep as healthy as possible during this time. Continue to practice breathing deeply and moving with care and kindness, bringing yoga into your home and into your circle of dear ones.

There’s a quote from Rick Hanson Ph.D. that inspires me:

“During times like this, it’s natural to feel afraid, stressed, threatened, or anxious – but being consumed by fear causes wear and tear on the body, which actually undermines your safety. That’s why it’s very important to be able to find a place inside that feels calm and strong. And one of the best ways to do this is to notice that you’re alright, right now.”

We will keep in touch via email Newsletters, or you may contact Karen 360-568-1000 home office, 206-914-4081 cell phone, and email:

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