Musings on Turning 75!

When I turned 50 and my cranky body was calling to me to do something different — I started taking yoga classes. The mind-full body work, the steadiness of attention, and the wisdom I found was like coming home.

Then, at 60 I found so much value in the many benefits, so started teacher training to insure my commitment.

In 2003, I opened Yoga Circle Studio to spread the circle, and we have a happier, healthier community as a result. And certainly, I am a happier, healthier person. (ps: There is no anti-aging secret: it’s the yoga!)

Make yoga a part of your life, everyday.

[nggallery id=12]I love yoga and Snohomish and glad to be of service, as your yogi, artist, mayor. (More flexible than most mayors.) Click on any image to enlarge and begin a slideshow.

Here’s what a regular practice of yoga can do for your body, mind and spirit:
· Improves flexibility especially in the joints so injuries are less likely.
· Improves cardiovascular health and a healthier blood flow throughout the body.
· Improves lung capacity and relaxation through deep breathing.
· Improves balance and encourages more body awareness.
· Helps strengthen core muscles and overall muscular-skeletal strength.
· Reduces stress through the calming and meditative qualities of yoga.
· Increases mental focus.
· Encourages living the virtues of truthfulness, kindness, moderation, and gratitude.
· Invites you to be present, to be aware, and to be happy.

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