Taking Tai Chi Outside

Yoga Circle Studio yogis are invited to Follow-Along Tai Chi in the Park with Warner Blake.

We will meet at Kla Ha Ya Park on the Snohomish Riverfront Trail at 8 a.m. every Saturday through the summer, starting June 22. We will do two sets of 24 Forms, one to the East and a second to the West.

Following this link for an annotated list of the 24 Forms.

Both sets take around 10 minutes to complete. We can repeat the forms if there is interest. Plan on a half-hour attendance, but it’s not a class; it’s a practice, and it’s Free!

There is nowhere to sign up; simply show up Saturday at 8 am. starting June 22nd at Kla Ha Ya Park,  below First Street in downtown Snohomish, WA.

Three Free Classes at 5:30 pm

DeAnna Murray is spending the summer in Snohomish, and she will teach three eclectic and enlivening Courses of 5 Weeks each — starting with free sessions to introduce our yogis to her teaching; at 5:30 pm on the following days:

  • June 12 — Yamana Body Rolling
  • June 13 — Hula Dancing
  • June 14 — Belly Dancing

 DeAnna Murray has taught Pilates for 25 years, specializing in deep movement therapy. She has been blessed with 40 years of belly dancing and learned Yamuna body rolling 15 years ago. Check out her Hula home at https://www.hhoutucson.com/

Wednesdays – Yamana Body Rolling – June 19 to July 16 @ 5:30 pm; $75 for 5 weeks

Yamuna body rolling class: everyone can benefit from this body of work. We use various-sized balls to lengthen, strengthen, and stretch your body. Each week will have a different focus. For more information go to Yamunausa.com.

Book Now! (Eight students required.)

Thursdays – Hula Dancing – June 20 to July 17 @ 5:30 pm; $75 for 5 weeks – 

Hula class: learn the basic Hula moves and the ALOHA spirit! You will learn a Hula Dance. Mahalo!

Book Now! (Eight students required.)

Fridays – Belly Dancing – June 21 to July 25 @ 5:30 pm (not July 4);  $75 for 5 weeks 

Belly dance Class: join DeAnna in the joy of dancing! All levels are offered. We will do warm-ups, basic moves, and some choreography, complete with a veil!

Book Now! (Eight students required.)

Words of Wisdom

“What would this moment be like if there were truly nothing missing and nothing to do, nothing to improve, nothing to wait for?”

  Sam Harris

REMINDER: New Price for One Year Drop-In Pass starting June 1, 2024

One Year passes: $1400 (12 months or 156 classes – whichever limit you hit first. ) That’s under $9/class if you come an average of 3 times per week. Payment options are available.)

General questions about our studio or to see our schedule: 

Visit us at www.yogacirclestudio.com/classes/

or call Karen Guzak  at 360-568-1000

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