Inside Out/Outside In Yoga, Sunday, June 10, 1-4p

Candace, right, leading a 2011 workshop
Candace, right, leading a 2011 workshop

Often yoga is called a massage from the inside/out – partly why yoga feels so good. Learn how to take advantage of this benefit, combined with learning some massage techniques from the outside in to have a delightful and healing time.
Candace Jordan is coming back home to Yoga Circle Studio from her new home in Arizona, just to teach this class for us. She is a loving and joyful yoga teacher as well as skilled massage practitioner. Enjoy the benefits of her depth of knowledge  – from outside to inside – and feel better all over. Only $45 for this workshop. (10% discounts for seniors, students, and families. Call 360-568-1000 for the discount.)

Sunday, June 10 | 1-4p
Cost: $45.00 (all levels)

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Restorative Yoga, Sunday, October 9th, 1 – 4p

Be guided through extra gentle postures to help quiet the mind and restore equanimity. Learn techniques for breath work, meditation, relaxation, and self care. This class is appropriate for prenatal, postnatal, recovery from injury or illness and for anyone interested in a restorative and healing approach to their yoga practice. Principles of the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine will also be explored.

Lead by Candace Jordan (pictured above) and Olivia Esuabana, Ayurvedic practitioner and Pacific Yoga graduate.

Cost: $45 (For All Levels)
Location: Studio, 707 Pine Avenue
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