Inside Out/Outside In Yoga, Sunday, June 10, 1-4p

Candace, right, leading a 2011 workshop
Candace, right, leading a 2011 workshop

Often yoga is called a massage from the inside/out – partly why yoga feels so good. Learn how to take advantage of this benefit, combined with learning some massage techniques from the outside in to have a delightful and healing time.
Candace Jordan is coming back home to Yoga Circle Studio from her new home in Arizona, just to teach this class for us. She is a loving and joyful yoga teacher as well as skilled massage practitioner. Enjoy the benefits of her depth of knowledge  – from outside to inside – and feel better all over. Only $45 for this workshop. (10% discounts for seniors, students, and families. Call 360-568-1000 for the discount.)

Sunday, June 10 | 1-4p
Cost: $45.00 (all levels)

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