Video: Invoking the Goddesses, Sunday, 10/13

“Namaste, friends. I am teaching this workshop a week from today at Karen Guzak’s beautiful Yoga Circle Studio, Snohomish. And by beautiful, I mean BEAUTIFUL! If you have not yet stepped into this space, your senses and soul are in for a treat. The more I step into this space, the more I realize what a gem it is in our community. Come, see for yourself.

To “invoke” is to call upon, to activate. To invoke the Goddesses (in this case, Durga and Kali) is to call upon, to activate that which is already within, but which sometimes needs a little nudge – strength, service, passion, transformation, and trust. Whatever quality you have been calling upon, allow this workshop to let it shine.

This workshop is deeply fun and will include talking, movement, relaxation, and community. It is most certainly for all levels.”

Ananya Brown

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