Rainey Returns with “Building the Temple”

Sunday, May 1 | 1 – 4p

A temple is a structure that is erected for the purpose of honoring and experiencing the Sacred. The grandeur of cathedrals and mosques invite a feeling of awe and infinity. I believe we can experience the same thing through our bodies and the practice of asana. In this workshop we will explore the Universal Principles of Alignment of Anusara Yoga. These principles give us a way of creating a stable and reliable structure through which we can find freedom and grace of breath and movement. They create integrity in the body allowing us to practice safely and they invite us to move from the inside, giving depth and meaning to our practice. The Universal Principles of Alignment serve to deepen any practice.

Recommended for all levels — $45
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(Photograph of Casa Rinconada in the Chaco Culture National Historical Park at dawn of the summer solstice 2007.)