Working the Wall, Sunday, May 19th at 1p

Theresa ElliottWORKING THE WALL with Theresa Elliott
Sunday May 19, 2013 | 1-4p | $50
Enjoy working with this master teacher as she reveals the tricks and pleasures of wall yoga. She is a teacher of teachers, but even beginners will find the support of the wall beneficial. Countless poses are facilitated with straps and leverage that helps hold body weight to deepen stretches. As well, the wall itself is a great teacher for alignment and stability. Limit of 25 people.

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Butts and Guts, Sunday, April 29, 1-4p

Theresa Elliott Workshop, Yoga Circle Studio
Theresa Elliott Workshop at Yoga Circle Studio, 2011 (Click for Slideshow)

Yoga offers all sorts of psychological benefits ranging from stress reduction to personal insight. But hey, you want to also look good? Come learn how to work with your butt and guts to build that deep internal core pelvic strength to enhance your general health.

Yoga Circle favorite, Theresa Elliott, a nationally recognized teacher, returns to lead another workshop to remember. Cost: $45.00 (all levels).

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