Trick or Treat … or a Pain in the Back!

Karen took this smartphone snap of Brighton and me with a basket of candy ready for another invasion of holiday revealers of all ages. It may seem our eyes are the problem, but it was my back!

Sitting for hours on the stoop, I could fill the lower back getting weaker. Another Snicker bar wasn’t helping. The next morning, All Saints’ Day, I could not bend over, nor the day following. Wine was helping only until I stood up.

This morning, Monday, I carefully lowered myself to the mat for Karen’s 6:30a Yoga Stretch Class … and walked home cured!

psoas_yoga_anatomy Well, you know, feeling much better. Karen sent along this image of the psoas muscle group“this is probably the best diagram, as we spent time working on strengthening these muscles while we stretched the lower back.”

So there you have it. As a med tech back in the day, Karen has a firm understanding of what’s going on below the surface. Don’t be shy about contacting her with your questions; and your testimonials are always welcomed in the comments below.

Warner the Web Guy.