Yoga Nidra with Kara Keating

Yoga Nidra | Awaken and Dream
Sunday, March 16, 2014 | 1-4p | Cost: $40

The practice of yoga nidra brings the mind and the heart, the conscious and sub-conscious into harmony. Often when we intend to make positive changes in our life, we self-sabotage and end up on a veritable hamster wheel of samsara ( “to perpetually wander”). In other words, we might want to make changes, we find we cannot, but we are not sure why. When we find harmony on all levels of mind/body/spirit, there is Moksha, or liberation from that which formerly bound us. Yoga Nidra is highly effective for dealing with addictions, bad habits, negativity, and other common maladies. It can also be used for recovering from grief, loss, illness and difficult transitions. The workshop will include some history and background, lecture/discussion on yoga philosophy and psychology, gentle all-levels hatha yoga and breath work, culminating in a full practice of yoga nidra.

What to expect: Excellent information, interesting subject matter (ourselves) some humor (always) gentle movement and breathing (anyone can do), deep relaxation of the entire body/mind, meditation of a different kind!

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