Sweetness of Release

nan clute

The Sweetness of Release
with Nan Clute
Sunday, February 19 | 1 to 4p
Explore hip openers and feel a lightness of being and a loosening of stress. Hips have a great range of motion – see where yours go.

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Yoga & Ayurveda, Sunday, 10/9

Suzanne Silvermoon
Suzanne Silvermoon
Yoga & Ayurveda
with Suzanne Silvermoon
Sunday, October 9, 1 to 4p
The sister science to yoga, Ayurveda, informs us about our unique body-mind constitution. Understanding our Dosha type offers us insights to fine tune our self-care, diet, and lifestyle.

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Summer Indulgence Practice

dawn little torres

Summer Indulgence Practice with Dawn Little Torres
Sunday, July 31 | 1 to 4p
Summer Indulgence Practice Yoga asana is more than merely the physical postures and how they impact the body; yoga rather gives us the ability to transform the self in a multitude of ways; one of which is teaching self-care. Please join Dawn Little Torres and Ashley Bernard McCann for a practice for the senses! This three hour long indulgent therapeutic practice will include meditation, adjustments with healing touch and aromatherapy, followed by a blissful sound bath. Through this variety of modalities, we will create a more impactful practice, capable of healing the body on a multitude of layers. Through regularly clearing the clutter that accumulates in our day to day living we can allow our inner lights to shine.

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