Winter Solstice Doings

Thanks to all who helped give the Snohomish community another fantastic Candlelight Solstice Walk Alongside the Snohomish River — Our Ninth! A job well done.

yoga circle studio imageBoth photos above are by Izzy — Thanks!

Yoga Circle StudioAfter Christmas Restorative
with Karen Guzak
Friday, December 26, 2014 | 12-1:30p
Cost: Food Bank Donation

Rest and renew after the holidays with an extremely gentle yoga practice of restorative poses, breath work, and guided meditation. Slow down and care for yourself after Christmas. Donations of money or food accepted for the Snohomish Food Bank.

If you were one of the 29! who attended the Restorative Class, please don’t be shy about leaving a comment below about your experience. Thanks!

Candlelight Solstice Walk, Tuesday, 12/21/10

Solstice Walk 2006 (Daily Herald)
You, and everyone you know, are invited to join us in Yoga Circle Studio’s Fifth Annual Candlelight Solstice Walk on the Riverfront Trail in Snohomish. (The trail runs from Cady Landing at Cedar Avenue in the east to Avenue D and First Street in the west.)

Help is needed to light the luminaries that line the Riverfront Trail at 4p; as well as, help to pick them up around 7:30p. Please contact Karen for more information.

So beginning at dusk, people are free to walk the Riverfront Trail lined with luminaries in any direction and as many times as they wish. Bringing your own candle to carry or musical instrument to play is encouraged.

Below is an archive of the images we have used on the former website. Enjoy!

Solstice Walk 2007, east (Click to Enlarge)

Solstice Walk 2007, east (Click to enlarge)

Solstice Walk 2008, east (Click to enlarge)

Solstice Walk 2008, west (Click to enlarge)

Solstice Walk 2009 (Click to enlarge)

Slideshow of Solstice Walk 2008
Slideshow of Solstice Walk 2009

You may learn more about the Winter Solstice at Wikipedia.