Bliss Yoga, Sunday, 11/11

Snohomish River

Bliss Yoga with Roy Holman
Sunday, November 11 | 1 to 4p
Surrendering into a gentle, slow-moving, breath connected, meditative asana, accompanied by sacred sound. Finish with savasana accompanied by a sound bath of singing bowls and healing touch.

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Roy Holman: Sunday, April 10, 1-4p

Click to learn morePractical and profound teachings from this delightful teacher/writer using wisdom from his book, Healing Self, Healing Earth: Essentials for Awakening. Learn breath work, yoga poses, and meditation to give you greater knowledge of the heart of yoga. This workshop will bring a deeper sense of self knowledge, emotional intelligence and encourage you to be your most peaceful and passionate Self.

Recommended for all levels — $35
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