Video: Workshop Moment with Dawn Little Torres, RYT

This Journey Through the Energetic Body focused on the universal  energy centers of the body called “chakras.”

The chakras form part of a subtle energy body, and are located along the central channel in front of the spine, as Dawn illustrated. Each chakra is thought to possess a number of ‘petals’ or ‘spokes’ and they are associated with sounds and colors. Midway in this video clip, Dawn is activating the heart chakra with tapping and saying the sound “yum”.

Chakra energy is more subtle than the physical body but the state of energy balance will reflect in our physical and mental health. In this three hour workshop, Dawn took us through all of the major chakras, which are:

1. Starting with the ROOT chakra at the base of the spine
2. Moving up through the SACRAL chakra
4. The HEART center
6. The BROW or THIRD EYE chakra
7. Finally the CROWN chakra which subtly connects to the energy that is all around us in this universe we live in…a universe of space and energy as described by modern physicists.

We ended the session with the morning wake up exercises called the Five Tibetans that open all of the chakras. You see the first of five in this video clip.

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