A Yogi’s Guide to Aging

September 2023.

The movie above, A Yogi’s Guide to Aging by Drake Wilson, features me in my 84th year.

I’ve long known that yoga assists in all aspects of our lives — physically, mentally, and of course, spiritually. I credit my dedication to this practice as the reason for the quality of my life in this present moment amidst the challenges of this time.

When Drake called me to suggest this video, I was intrigued by his openness and his questioning the meaning of life – and wondering about the universal fact that we all age. I found his approach so wise for a young man getting his Master’s in Communication. 

This piece demonstrates his mastery, for sure, and we’ll see more from him in the future. His first movie, “What Happened on First Street,” was, in a way, an accidental movie that won international awards!

And, come visit us at our studio, where yoga is a way to explore all of our stages and ages.