Warner Blake, Tai chi

I learned Tai Chi in the 1980s from a fellow who learned the practice in China where he also met a Chinese woman who was then his wife, with whom they had a newborn, and were living in the Leschi neighborhood of Seattle.

Then, maybe ten years ago, I took tai chi lessons from the late Master Zhou Chu-Xiong who taught for many years with the Everett Parks Department. Master Zhou taught the popular Yang Style of Tai Chi beginning with 24 Forms.

His class too combined the experienced students with the beginners and that’s how I will do it with our early morning classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 to 7:45a. It’s a “drop-in” class which means you may show up for any class and we will begin at the beginning. We will also review forms for returning students, then do the complete practice of all 24 Forms which takes around 10 minutes. Then repeat as time allows.

Before long, you knew the practice by heart. By continuous repetition over the months, your body learns all the moves, setting the mind free of its usual noise … free to feel the intimacy of your body in motion.

A new twist will be to add my favorite pose from yoga, “Savasana” — the final relaxation pose, preceded with a few minutes of core work on the mat.

My annual trip to Rialto Beach was cut short by my bun knee acting up … so I look forward to redoing the clip next summer.
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Download pdf: Tai Chi Chuan 24 Forms

#1. Follow along with Forms indicated.

#2.Follow along without labels but with a dancer’s grace.

#3.A woman’s version.