Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleanse Workshops

Suzanne Silvermoon
Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleanse Workshops #1 & #2
with Suzanne Silvermoon & Asmita Runge
Workshop #1: Sunday, April 28, 1-3:30p.
Workshop #2: Sunday, June 2, 1-2:30p.

Included in the workshop:
•Why Ayurveda suggests seasonal cleansing
•The nature of toxins and their effects upon our body/mind/spirit
•Signs of toxic buildup in the body
•Detailed outline of seasonal cleanse
•Tips to modify the full cleanse to support success for each individual
•Tips to support the cleansing diet and lifestyle

Cost: Workshop #1: $65
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Workshop #2: $30
Register & Pay Online
Both Workshops: $85
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