The Celebration Continues

All are invited to a Free Class of Yoga to the live music of Peter Ali, Native Flutist, on Saturday, January 14, at 5p. To be followed by a wine and cheese reception around 6p. This is an opportunity to check out the new studio now doubled in size and twice as beautiful.

  • I was just re-elected Mayor of Snohomish on Tuesday, January 3rd for my second two year term. Being in politics and practicing yoga may seem dissimilar, but for me, Yoga is an important part of my life’s work, as is my art, and my service on city council and as Mayor. I see them all as one unifying life purpose — to creatively open to the world, to join with others to make a difference in the vitality, health, beauty, and harmony of our circle of citizens. Enlarging Yoga Circle Studio is a strong step in encouraging a healthier, happier place to live. Serving as Mayor, is a part of my practice to encourage a more peaceful and productive life – where we can embrace all of our citizens to provide safety and a healthy city – Health and Safety — the basic reasons for a civic structure, are also a part of the basic principles of yoga.