Karen Guzak

kg_storeKaren is the owner of Yoga Circle Studio and the senior teacher. She has earned a reputation for her abilities to teach to each student’s individual need. Though a consummate teacher in her own right, Karen continually collaborates and studies with several other master teachers to expand her knowledge of yoga.

Respected for her leadership, Karen is Mayor of the City of Snohomish. She also is an accomplished painter, printmaker and public artist, and developer of award winning artists’ loft buildings.


  • Karen Guzak

    This is a note I got from Maggie – who recently moved to a distant corner of Oregon.
    “I was sad that I kept missing your classes and the opportunity to thank you and say good bye. You and your studio have been a primary source of solace, peace of mind, and growth for me over the past four years. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to have had the oppoortunity to share myself and open my mind, body and spirit to your wisdom, love and endearing energy. Thank you. I hope to see you soon.”

  • Karen Guzak

    A note from Pat Larsen on 1-4-2011:

    “Karen, thank you so much for being the first in my “yoga life” for over a year. SO many benefits over this time that I will just name one a day, and see how long I go.
    The first is this calming philosophy that is such a needed antidote to push shove hurry rush high stress living. I just got put on a blood pressure med – can’t imagine what it was before yoga.
    I find this emphasis on slowed deep breathing comes to mind at times every day – this wonderful sense of calming and unifying and beautiful body awareness.
    I will hear your coaching encouraging voice for a long long time, and know we’ll be privileged to have you back now and then at the Snohomish Sr. center. What a beautiful blessing.”

    Thank You Karen.

  • Kristy Cooper


    You were the first ever yoga teacher that I ever had and I must say that all those who come after you have much to live up to. Your kindness and your guidance in class has been such a blessing to me as a new mother. I began your class while I was pregnant and fully believe that it was the art of yoga that allowed me to have such a calm experience in delivering my daughter 3 years ago. I now enjoy the solice that comes with my hour of gentle yoga to free my mind and refresh my spirit. Thank you so much for everything you do and for being who you are.


  • Life’s journey’s includes adventures which leave the mind and body alittle worse for wear. Yoga Circle addresses the wear with a new set of tools aimed at mental and physical ills. Karen is the master of delivery and I am a better person for the experience of participating in yoga.

  • Larry Leach

    For a few years I have done yoga all around Seattle area [as well as Sacramento ] . All teachers Seattle / Ballard etc. said…Go to Karen Guzak in Snohomish…she has the best of studio’s yoga anyhow. I did now and now know. It seems true. Karen is a Master in her teachings and selections. Beautiful !!! Lawrence R.

  • Larry Leach

    Karen , My teacher of lessons thru positions that bring a plethora of wonderments in the most unexpected ways ! 10am class today was truly a lesson that surprised me..in a personal and private way….bringing Strength to heart and mind….thru surprising ly ‘irritation’ not felt for long years. Confusing in a way yet…after running to Drs.exam after this session she said…you are perfect in health and look better than in the 8yrs. I have known you. Mysteries. ain’t it fun even thru the little pains and irritations….mine of course from inside. Thank you, L.L.

  • Larry Leach

    Truly an ‘Angel” to work with and be in the presence of Karen Guzak !!! Explore Yoga was such a positive extension of stretch and feeling / balance and strength Amidst the beauty of smiles you generate and bring out. My compulsion to complimwent such positive influence may better be expressed without insecurity as the love you [and your fellow teachers] ; YOU leave me in sense of with in and out. Ahimsa . L.L .

  • Yoga Circle Studio is my favorite yoga studio in the world, and Karen Guzak is my favorite yoga teacher! So that you understand that I have the background to judge, I will briefly detail my other yoga experience: I started with Ana Forest 20 years ago, doing rigorous daily practice. After about 10 years, I did 3 teacher trainings: Richard Schachtel (Iyengar in Seattle). Aadil Palkhivala (Iyengar in Bellevue), and Rod Stryker (Pure Yoga in Los Angeles). Then I taught at our wilderness retreat in North Central Washington. During these 20 years, I met and took class with dozens of top yoga teachers. So I do not say it lightly that Karen is the best ever. Her classes are deceptively gentle, but they are very deep and thorough. Karen herself is one of the most caring and spiritual people I’ve ever encountered. It is a delight and a deep spiritual experience to share her classes. Don’t miss them!–Trisha Howell, MA, MA, MA.

  • Mikejalexander

    Great classes. Yoga is one of the best things I have done for myself.  It is amazing how it makes you feel. Karen and all her teachers do a wonderful job.  Thank you    Mike Alexander

  • Valerie Woolvett

    Karen has a wonderful yoga studio and instructors. Karen’s ability to instruct at all levels and share her knowledge with others is outstanding. An amazing woman!!