Restorative Yoga, Sunday, October 9th, 1 – 4p

Be guided through extra gentle postures to help quiet the mind and restore equanimity. Learn techniques for breath work, meditation, relaxation, and self care. This class is appropriate for prenatal, postnatal, recovery from injury or illness and for anyone interested in a restorative and healing approach to their yoga practice. Principles of the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine will also be explored.

Lead by Candace Jordan (pictured above) and Olivia Esuabana, Ayurvedic practitioner and Pacific Yoga graduate.

Cost: $45 (For All Levels)
Location: Studio, 707 Pine Avenue
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  • Larry Leach

    A welcome renewed exposure to the simpler and yet very effective older time of relaxation techniques with sensitive trained teachers. Candace has a touch of ‘magic’ truly ! And Olivia is delightfull in her explanations of the importance of Joy in low stress and keeping the internal endocrine system and organs Happy ! Chakra work was again a needed refresher as well. Well done with a very hearty THANK YOU to all involved today. We need MORE…….