Bags by Karen!

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Dear Yogis, I am spending the summer sewing creative shopping bags from fabrics I have been saving for years. Each one is unique…lots of silks, velvets, and hand dyed cotton. These are a great replacement for plastic shopping bags. Check them out on the lower rack at the studio…a bargain at $30 each + tax.

I’ll be making more, so keep them moving…all to reuse, reduce, recycle…the direction we all need to go: R/R/R!

Free Meditation: Sunday, 6/10

free meditationFree Meditation: Happiness and Success with Madhu Rajanna
Sunday, June 10 | 1 to 2:30p

Join Karen and Madhu Rajanna for this FREE meditation session to learn yogic breathing, mental focus and emotional stability … all that leads to happiness and success in whatever your endeavor. Madhu Rajanna is meditation instructor for the Art of Living, a nonprofit organization.

The Sweetness of Release

Robin Flashman

The Sweetness of Release with Robin Flashman
Sunday, May 20 | 1 to 4p

Explore hip openers and feel a lightness of being and loosening of stress. Hips have a great range of motion, but can be tight from imbalances,injuries, and stress. Robin will go over hip anatomy to help us understand our limitations and areas of ease. We will do yoga postures and get introduced to some props to help assist in this adventure of self-discovery. Let’s open our hips together in a safe & nurturing space!
Cost: $45

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