The Sweetness of Release

Robin Flashman

The Sweetness of Release with Robin Flashman
Sunday, May 20 | 1 to 4p

Explore hip openers and feel a lightness of being and loosening of stress. Hips have a great range of motion, but can be tight from imbalances,injuries, and stress. Robin will go over hip anatomy to help us understand our limitations and areas of ease. We will do yoga postures and get introduced to some props to help assist in this adventure of self-discovery. Let’s open our hips together in a safe & nurturing space!
Cost: $45

Pre-registration recommended, and stay for the potluck afterwards (4 to 5p).

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Spice Up Your Life

YCS image
Suzanne Silvermoon

Spice Up Your Life
with Suzanne Silvermoon
Sunday, April 29 | 1 to 4p
Learn how to use unique Ayurvedic spice blends called “Churna” to turn your food into medicine. Everyone will come away with their own unique spice blend to take home.
Cost: $45

YCS imageBill and Suzanne reviewing her collection of spices after the workshop.

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Independent Classes:

YCS imageSunday Morning Kundalini Yoga, with Rabel Eljamal | 8:30-9:45a.
Kundalini yoga helps us to balance our lives, to be happy and healthy and to improve our relationship with our partners, children, friends & ourselves. Work with a delightful and experienced teacher.
Cost: $20 pay Rabel directly.

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YCS IMAGEDancing Meditation with Dee Godere | Mondays & Fridays, 8-9:30p
“I believe that dance & breath create a path of embodiment, an invitation to come fully home to the magic of your very human life. My goal is to offer a social environment where you are free to connect and be playful (with others if you choose), while having your personal boundaries respected at all times. I feel that the generations have a lot to offer each other, and that dance and movement are consciousness elevating ways to communicate. We dance every time we breathe.” Dee Godere
Cost: $20 pay Dee directly.​

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Core Flow and Restorative Healing

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YCS imageCore Flow and Restorative Healing
with Cobi Seslar & Jessica Ryan
Sunday, April 8 | 1 to 4p

Focus on core strength and life energy with this practice that is Integral to building the stabilizing muscles that support us in yoga and in our life.
Cobi (pictured above) will first guide you in a Yoga flow that is aligned with Pilates principles to strengthen your deepest postural muscles. Learn to move from your pelvic floor and deep abdominals all while breathing expansively and moving fluidly. After this warming flow, your body will be ready to go into Yin & Restorative yoga postures inducing relaxation response guided by Jessica. She will spend time with each person individually channeling healing energy.

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