Making the Mat a Manly Place

with Brian Dotson
Sunday, April 28, 2013 | 1-4p | Cost: $40
Validate and celebrate a man’s approach to this mind/body practice. Typically men are physically strong, with tight muscles and joints, and often hold old injuries. Yoga can help in healing while accepting the challenges of practice and letting go of the need to compete and/or push through pain. Brian is a firefighter, and experienced Reiki and QiGong practitioner– a real guy’s guy.

If you attended Brian’s workshop please “man-up” (as Larry did) and leave a comment below. Thanks!

  • warnerblake

    Larry Leach (Guest):

    Just home from Attending Brians’ Sunday Mens Yoga Seminar and wish to say it was a Great New learning experience as well as a fabulous Slow Stretch and Breathe with great instructions and help for some of our need to move slower and stretch the same esp. if we really Fill our Lungs. Nice warm Veggie Soup after was a Fun and Good for taste as well as body to re~energize etc. immediately after a bit of effort slow style. Great instruction and Fellowship Brian ; An Enthusiastic Pat on The Back and Thanks..Learned a lot and enjoyed it! L.L.

    10:18 p.m., Sunday April 28