Focus on Core, Sunday, April 27, 1-4p

Focus on Core: Strength, Mobility & Safety
with Sarah Johnston & Candace McKenna
Sunday, April 27, 2014 | 1-4p | Cost: $40

The muscles which support the sacroiliac joint, lower back and spine are the muscles of our Core, or naval center. This workshop will focus on asanas which help us locate our primary (psoas) and secondary core muscles and then learn to engage and release them for improved stability and alignment. We will explore the powerful effect of mindfully engaging these muscles during all movement. Many of the poses come from the master teacher Donna Fahri, (who has given permission for this material to be shared —follow this link for a free download of the class handouts! ).

And if you attended the workshop, please consider leaving a comment below about your experience.

  • Larry Leach

    Surprise ~Surprise , My how such a small focus seminar learning more on the small psoas then the secondary movements focus and isolate . My ‘tummy’ feels the importance after this exercise that was So efficiently worked by class and teacher alike. This made a believer out of me on how these actions work important for support . ***** ratings for Sarah and ***** Candice same !! With Enthusiasm I Applaud the efforts of all involved , L.R.L. be well