Expansion Project Begins

Work has begun on the expansion of the Circle. The plan is to double the size of the current studio by the first of the year. As Builder Hank begins framing in the new walls, Karen was on her hands and knees patching a serious crack in the concrete floor.

Karen and Hank
Karen, Hank and the concrete mix
Later this month the south wall of the existing studio (the one pictured above) will be removed to create one large, glorious space. Classes will continue at Karen’s art studio, located in the historic residential district at the corner of Third and Avenue B — it’s the pink church!

“We will need a little prayer (along with the small business loan from Columbia bank) to pull this off,” said Karen, holding tight a tub of concrete patching mix.

  • mary sarr

    So exciting to see the expansion start. I miss being there so very much! Every hour spent this past summer at Yoga Circle was a gift. I thank all of you so much. Even as all my food storage containers were falling on my head out of my too high cupboard tonight, Karen’s wise advice of “If you are unhappy with something, make a change,” came to mind. Yes, well, reorganization to occur soon. And breathing mindfully regardless of the chaos.
    Best of luck on the expansion. I have no doubt it will be beautiful.
    mary sarr